Veteran’s Day

We have a history of military service in our families: My husband and I were both in the military as were our dads. My dad and two of his brothers fought in WWII. One of my grandfathers was in the Cavalry (when they still rode horses!) in the Spanish-American War. One of our daughters was an Army officer in Iraq, Qatar and Afghanistan during her service.

We are in a very divided country, but today as we honor our veterans we are very thankful for a military that protects our country. I watched President Obama at the Tomb of the Unknowns today and agree when he talked about the important symbolism of the election and Veteran’s Day in 2016 in the same week. This was a very divisive election, but we in the U.S. have a peaceful transition of power. That’s so important.

A few days ago Neil deGrasse Tyson tweeted “A paltry few Countries in the history of Civilization have gotten to choose their leaders. How lucky we are to be among them.” We are very lucky and even though my candidate didn’t win I hope that the people of our country will work together. I hope President-Elect Trump will realize what a great deal of trust our country is giving him. I hope he will rise to the challenge and become a President for all the people and not just the people who voted for him.

I hope our very divided country begins to listen to one another. We seem to only listen to the people who think and believe like we do–and then we’re surprised when we find out there are people who believe the opposite.

And I really wish Americans would understand what a gift they have been given–the right to vote. And I wish they would exercise that right–find out about the candidates and the issues and vote!


2 thoughts on “Veteran’s Day”

  1. This is the most positive take on my country that I have heard in awhile. My family has also had an esteemed military past and I hope our President Elect does not quash the spirit of keeping their proud legacy alive.


    1. I’m trying to stay positive and hopeful. I have to admit it isn’t always easy and I admit I’m amazed at the election outcome. I hope the President Elect is willing to listen to different viewpoints and will be a President for all the people in this country.


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