Birthday weekend

We celebrated our younger daughter’s birthday a couple of weekends ago. Her sister came from Illinois for the weekend and we all had a wonderful time together.firepit

On Friday night we had a fire in our fire pit in the backyard and roasted marshmallows. So much fun. Our clothes smelled smoky when we came in and it just seemed so much like Autumn–even though it was warm (in the 60’s at 9 p.m.).

We went to a local winery Saturday afternoon and shared a bottle of wine as well as a cheese and cracker plate. We sat outside and watched as an outdoor wedding was set up outside. The wedding party salmon-vegetableslooked happy!

For her birthday dinner we had Salmon with Maple, Mustard and Dill, roasted birthday-cakevegetables (new potatoes and tiny peppers) and a Flourless Chocolate Birthday Cake with just a few candles!

My older daughter did most of the cooking and it all was wonderful!





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