Share Your World: 2016 Week 41

I’m participating in Cee’s Share Your World this week. She posts questions each Monday and invites people to answer the questions and then leave a link on her blog.

I recently started this blog and have wanted to find some blog activities to participate in. I am especially happy to find Cee’s blog (Cee’s Photography) because of all the photography information. I’m hoping to participate in some of the photography challenges as well as reading her photography tips and lessons.

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Not in love at first sight, but I do believe in infatuation at first sight and in liking at first sight. When I first met my future husband I was a new lieutenant on an Air Force base which had very few other women (except a few wives). The first week I was there lots of young, single guys came into my office and when one invited me to the officers’ club after work I accepted.

When I showed up at the club I was the only woman in the room and soon surrounded by men. (I think the only credential I needed was that I was a single woman!) Anyway, the fellow who invited me went down in my estimation when he told me his favorite activity was bowling. However, another guy–who was tall, dark and handsome(!)–said he liked to go to Kansas City (the nearest city to the base) on weekends and go to a good restaurant, see a play, go to the art museum or zoo. I was immediately captivated. Over the next few months we saw each other around and finally had a date. Two years later we got married.

Your first car?

My first car was one I bought from my parents for $1,000. An orange 1970 or so Datsun–which I drove for about 10 years after they gave it to me in the mid seventies.

Who taught you to ride a bike? How did it go?

I learned from my best friends who were sisters. They had a little bike they had learned on and let try it out. I don’t remember if it had training wheels, but I do remember I didn’t understand the concept of brakes and I ran into a telephone pole!

Ugly and rich or beautiful and poor?

I don’t think I will choose either! I don’t want to be either rich or poor as far money goes. And I don’t want to be really ugly or really beautiful as far as external looks go. I would choose the middle road–happy with who I am!

What was the first dish you could cook?

My mom gave me a Betty Crocker Cookbook for Boys and Girls. The first thing I remember cooking was Butterscotch Brownies. Those were one of my signature dishes from then on!

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? 

My husband and I got home from a road trip to Washington and Oregon last week. We had to cut the trip short because we hit a deer with our car, but I am so grateful that neither of us were injured and that so many wonderful people stopped to offer help.

I’m looking forward to more fall weather with leaves changing color. I love cool, crisp mornings, bright blue skies and colored leaves.


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