Mammoths and Black Hills

We visited The Mammoth Site in Hot Springs, South Dakota. Mammoth bones were found here over thirty years ago. Paleontologists work to uncover the bones of dozens of Columbian Mammoths and Wooly Mammoths as well as other animals who died here. The site is the largest in the United States that shows the bones in the location they were found.

The site appears to have been a sink hole fed by warm springs. Vegetation would have grown on the side of the sink hole and mammoths and other animals sometimes fell in. Once they fell in they couldn’t climb out the steep, slippery sides and they died of starvation.

One of the best places we’ve stopped on our trip!

After we left The Mammoth Site we drove through the Black Hills. We stopped for lunch in Hill City. Such a cute town. I especially liked the two sculptures they had in front of a shop–a horse and a mule (or a donkey).

We ate at the Alpine Inn. They had German food and I had spaetzle which I love. And a Fat Tire beer from New Belgium Beer!

And then we drove out of South Dakota into Wyoming and finally to Montana for the night.


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