A deer strike

We’re cutting our road trip short. We’d planned to be on the road for another 10 days or so.20160919_104029

About five miles from the Canada-United States border we hit a deer with our car. Luckily we weren’t hurt, but the car and deer weren’t so lucky. Wonderful people stopped and helped us including a conservation officer who took care of the deer. We crossed the border into the U.S. in a tow truck. The driver towed us 120 miles to the nearest town with a collision repair shop and a rental car facility.

oceanWe’re in Oregon now at the Oregon coast which is one of my favorite parts of Oregon. Having beautiful weather here and visiting with my brother and sister-in-law. It’s great to unwind a little.

We don’t have a date for the car repair (except the latter part of October) so we decided it was better to fly home and return when the repair is complete since car rental and all the other expenses add up!

After I get home and rest up I’ll post more photos of my trip.




Glacier National Park, Montana

My husband and I have been on a road trip for about 10 days now. We’ve had many adventures and seen beautiful places. I posted photos and some commentary last week (Mammoths and Black Hills) from our first major stop.

Our second major stop we visited Glacier National Park in northern Montana and had a beautiful day to see the mountains, rivers, lakes, valleys, waterfalls ….

We decided to travel on the Going to the Sun Road which I’d heard about through the years, but I figured it had gotten wider and easier to drive on as the years went by. Maybe it has, but it’s still a narrow, twisty road that’s kind of scary some of the time as well as a road that shows beautiful scenery.

Next time maybe we would let someone else do the driving since we saw cool, red buses on the road. When they stopped people were able to poke their heads through the roof and take photos!

We reached the top of mountain pass and found a bit of roadside snow from earlier in the week. There’s a visitor’s center and lots of trails to walk further into the mountains. A little earlier in the day there were mountain goats visible, but they had gone around to the other side of the mountain. Oh, well, I’ve seen mountain goats before!

Then we started down the mountain.

And down the mountain we went! This side was shorter which we were glad of. But the views were no less spectacular. Near the bottom was a beautiful lake and then we were outside the park.

Mammoths and Black Hills

We visited The Mammoth Site in Hot Springs, South Dakota. Mammoth bones were found here over thirty years ago. Paleontologists work to uncover the bones of dozens of Columbian Mammoths and Wooly Mammoths as well as other animals who died here. The site is the largest in the United States that shows the bones in the location they were found.

The site appears to have been a sink hole fed by warm springs. Vegetation would have grown on the side of the sink hole and mammoths and other animals sometimes fell in. Once they fell in they couldn’t climb out the steep, slippery sides and they died of starvation.

One of the best places we’ve stopped on our trip!

After we left The Mammoth Site we drove through the Black Hills. We stopped for lunch in Hill City. Such a cute town. I especially liked the two sculptures they had in front of a shop–a horse and a mule (or a donkey).

We ate at the Alpine Inn. They had German food and I had spaetzle which I love. And a Fat Tire beer from New Belgium Beer!

And then we drove out of South Dakota into Wyoming and finally to Montana for the night.

Roadside Scenery

Our first day of driving we made a big push to drive across western Iowa and then across South Dakota. Most of my photography was from the roadside, the car or at rest stops! I think the scenery is beautiful even if it is along the road.

The first set of photos is from western Iowa and the second set is from South Dakota.

Travel planning

My husband and I started on a road trip this morning and since we’re retired we plan to be gone nearly a month.

We are headed west right now traveling through the rolling hills of western Iowa. It’s a beautiful time of year. The corn and fields are beginning to turn brown. Wildflowers are blooming between the road and fields–goldenrod and maybe a type of sunflower.

We are headed to Seattle for a wedding, but taking a meandering route through national parks and even into Canada. On the way home we will drive a little more south and then west. road-atlas

We’ve done a lot of planning and have a three page itinerary! However, we do have some flexibility in the schedule so we’ll see how it goes.

I plan to blog during the trip and post photos, too. I’m figuring some of this out as we go. I’ll let you know how that works!


Visiting the Botanical Gardens

(Yay! I can start blogging again and visit other blogs, too. My internet started working again! I didn’t do anything to make it start working–except I was about to call tech support again. I think it’s magic!)


We have a wonderful botanical garden here in Des Moines. We became members when we moved here and it’s a great place to visit. I think it will be especially nice in the winter since there is a tropical portion under a dome.

I’m showing photos of our visit last week as well as photos from a visit in the spring.



Frustrating internet

My internet has been out much of the week. Sometimes I have a 15 minute block of time after I reset the modem, but other it times out right away.

I’ve worked with the internet company, but so far they aren’t much help.
My techy daughter got involved Friday afternoon and we were on the phone for two hours and were repeatedly switched between two departments. And still no solutions. We finally had to hang up.

With the holiday weekend here we probably won’t get anything done until next week. Very frustrating.